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Swimming Pool Liners

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  • Greystone Seaglass Inground Pool Liner
    30 Mil - Greystone
  • Blue Miramar Swimming Pool Liner
    30 Mill - Blue Miramar
  • Blue Raleight Swimming Pool Liner
    30 Mill - Blue Raleigh
  • Cambridge Aquarius Swimming Pool Liner
    28 Mill - Cambridge AQ
  • Oxford Aquarius Swimming Pool Liner
    28 Mill - Oxford AQ
  • Covington Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner
    28/20 - Covington
  • 27 Mill - Nile Tile
  • 27 Mill - Balanced Braid
  • 27 Mill - Chevron
  • 27 Mill - River Slate
  • Cambridge Aquarius Swimming Pool Liner
    20 Mill - Cambridge AQ
  • Siesta Wave Swimming Pool Liner
    20 Mill - SiestaWave
  • 20 Mill - Cruise Tile
  • Blue Siesta Wave Swimming Pool Liner
    20 Mill - Blue Siesta
  • 20 Mill - Black Pebble
  • Tidewater Swimming Pool Liner
    20 Mill - Tidewater
  • 20 Mill - Blue Granite
  • 20 Mill - Bayview Slate
  • 20 Mill - Unity Tile
  • Silver Stream Blue Vinyl Pool Liner
    20 Mil - Silver Stream
  • 20 Mill - Greystone

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  • Swimming Pool Liners
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American Made In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners

Pool Warehouse carries 100% Virgin Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners manufactured exclusively in the USA! Here at PW we have three different mils (thickness) of vinyl pool liners to select from. Customers always ask us about the thickness of the vinyl all the time, and most customers think that just because one liner is thicker than another, it means that it must be better. Thicker pool liners do not typically last any longer than the industry standard 20 Mil vinyl liner. Typically 15 years is about the average replacement age of all in-ground swimming pool liners. The warranty is exactly the same on all Rectangle Replacement Swimming Pool liners from Pool Warehouse which is 20 years.

Pool Warehouse offers 4 different thicknesses:

  • 20 Mil Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners
  • 28 Mil Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners
  • 30 Mil Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners
  • 28/20 Mil Fusion Swimming Pool Liners: Made up of 28 Mil wall material, and 20 Mil floor material.

The thickness of vinyl is not the most important aspect of your in-ground swimming pool liner purchase. In fact, we tell our customers to not worry about the thickness of the vinyl liner, worry about the pattern. You are going to be staring at the pool liner for many years to come, so pick your swimming pool liner based on the beauty. You know what they say, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, so choose your new vinyl liner based on what you think is beautiful to you.

Pool Warehouse offers free shipping on Rectangle swimming pool liners to 37 states in the USA and all of our rectangle replacement swimming pool liners come with a free 20 year warranty! All of our pool liners American made and ship out of the state of Tennessee. We also offer a 24 hour express service for those needing their liner for an upcoming weekend pool party. Make sure to give us a call with any questions you might have.

Swimming Pool Liners Starting At!

Rectangle Swimming Pool Liners 20 Mill 28/20 Mill 27 Mil 28 Mill 30 Mill
12′ x 20′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $546 830 885 $930 $1,030
12′ x 24′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $546 $830 $885 $930 $1,030
14′ x 28′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $645 $845 $900 $945 $1,045
16′ x 32′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $745 $945 $1,000 $1,045 $1,145
16′ x 34′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $789 $990 $1,045 $1,090 $1,190
16′ x 36′ In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners $825 $1,045 $1,100 $1,145 $1,245
18′ x 36′ In-ground Swimming Pool Liners $925 $1,120 $1,175 $1,220 $1,320
18′ x 40′ In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners $869 $1,190 $1,245 $1,290 $1,390
20′ x 40′ In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners $1,049 $1,290 $1,345 $1,390 $1,490
20′ x 44′ In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners $1,195 $1,390 $1,445 $1,490 $1,590

Not Sure What Your Swimming Pool Liners Exact Measurements Are?

Give us a call or or use our Swimming Pool Liner Measurement Guide to fill out your order forms.

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Swimming Pool Liners

At Pool Warehouse we only offer the highest quality vinyl swimming pool liners. All of our swimming pool liners are 100% American made by Hydra Pools! Hydra has a 20 year track record of making long lasting, quality vinyl liners right here in the USA. Make sure to check out our YouTube videos!

Only The Finest Swimming Pool Liners

Quality Inks. The patterns applied to our swimming pool liners are applied using custom-formulated inks used only by Pool Warehouse. You can choose your favorite pattern and rest assured that it will last for years, looking bright and fresh year after year. Our inks also have a built-in fungicide that reinforces the effectiveness of regular chlorine and algaecide treatment. An additional clear coating is also applied to the tile pattern bordering the top of your liner to help resist abrasion and soiling of your swimming pool liner. Our printing process also uses advanced electronic engraving to produce crisp patterns and consistent colors.

Deep Down Quality. Our swimming pool liners are made from 100% virgin vinyl making it highly resistant to tearing, puncturing and cracking, even in temperatures down to -45° F. In addition, we use a sophisticated computer-aided design system to layout and cut every pool liner, resulting in a swimming pool liner that is guaranteed to fit the dimensions you provide with extraordinary precision. Finally, all of our Swimming Pool Liners undergo an exhaustive quality control checklist. The result: zero defects. It’s this passion for quality that allows us to back our in-ground pool liners with a remarkable 20-year warranty.

Express Delivery. Our service has become a legend in the swimming pool industry! We pull out all the stops to provide replacement pool liners to our dealers and customers promptly. We offer even offer a 48-hour express service for those who need swimming pool liners fast!

At Pool Warehouse, We Know Swimming Pool Kits!